Nevada Managed LLC

A fiscally transparent domestic company or potentially tax free offshore jurisdiction – Nevada is one of the most favourable States in which to register either a domestic or non-resident limited liability company (LLC) with very favourable LLC legislation and an efficient Division of Corporations.


Nevada Managed - A State world famous for gambling, lenient marriage and divorce laws and for having (outside of Las Vegas and Reno) legalized prostitution. However, apart from the above, Nevada is also a major tax haven within the United States as it doesn't levy State corporate taxes but of course is still subject to US Federal taxes. Notwithstanding the fact that Nevada is obviously a constituent part of the United States, the general tax planning principles of needing to prove local management and control in order to establish a tax event in the State apply as if it was a sovereign nation at least in respect to other states in the Union. Nevada managed companies are particularly popular with California residents where state corporate and personal/city taxes are notoriously high but increasingly there is also a growing interest amongst foreign investors needing a western US presence. The reason that LLC's are recommended over and above local corporations is simply (see below) because non-US citizens/green card holders can benefit from a fiscally transparent US legal entity – An option not available for foreigners as they are legally prevented from owning the corporate equivalent, which is known as a sub-chapter S corporation.

Star Ratings - The World's predominant nation in economic and military terms with a strong tradition of democracy and social inclusion although certain economic groups, primarily African Americans and Hispanics, have significantly lower standards of living and educational attainment. On a GNP per capita basis it is one of the World's ten most wealthy nations. Unemployment is under control despite the economic downturn. Geographical area: 3,618,770 sq. miles or approximately 36 times the size of the United Kingdom. Population: 313,900,000 (July 2012).

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Nevada is located between the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevada in the western US bordering California to its west. The State occupies a landmass of 286,367 sq. km's (approximately the size of Britain and Ireland combined) and has a population of 2.8 million.

About US Resident Limited Liability Companies

The SCF Accountancy & Law can also offer fiscally transparent domestic managed and non-managed LLC companies, which have as their unique benefit the ability to be owned (unlike US sub-chapter 'S' corporations) by non US citizens or Green Cardholders. In short, such a structure allows for non-US fiscal residents to avoid US double taxation on their profits (i.e. at both an individual and corporate level) and hence ensures maximum profitability whilst operating in the United States.

Domestic Corporate Tax

There are none

Personal Tax

There are none

Administration & Accountancy Services

Managed & Non-Managed Companies

The SCF Accountancy & Law can provide Nevada companies either in a non-managed or managed format depending on client needs and requirements.

Fully Managed & Branch Registration

Where required SCF Accountancy & Law can provide fully managed services and even branch registration in another jurisdiction where tax treaty protection is required. For further details please consult with a SCF sales consultant

Set-up a& Annual Maintenance Fees

Please request the separate Colorado Quotation Leaflet

The ownership of Nevada Managed Llc Companies

'Overhead' Discretionary Trusts or Private Interest Foundations

For tax planning reasons, normally pertaining to anti-avoidance provisions in a beneficial owners 'home' country or place of fiscal residence, and/or because of a need to 'ring fence' assets many clients owning a Nevada company (especially in non-resident format) select to have it owned not be themselves but by an overhead discretionary trust or a Jersey Private Interest Foundation, Seychelles Private Interest Foundation or a Liechtenstein Private Interest Foundation (locally known as a Stiftung).

For more information on discretionary trusts and/or private interest foundations please refer to the trust and private interest foundation sections.